I'm back and a guest post

I'm back!!  I'm so happy to be back home, but of course I have a million and one things to do.  I hope to get some photos up for you soon as well as some city tips for visits with kids.  And while I download photos I will be guest posting over at Krystine Edward's blog in her series "Guess who is dropping in for coffee"- in my case tea! I'm so honored she featured me! Krystine designs and sells home in the Charleston area.  She has great style and is the sweetest thing on earth. Come see the post here.  And I promise to be back with regular programming. xx


Product Scoop || Setting a Beautiful Table - Kim Seybert

These plates have robbed me of sleep lately.  The colors, designs and combinations really give me heart palpitations of pure excitement. I discovered  Kim Seybert via Bradley's amazing instagram.  I had to find out more about those plates.  Kim Seybert  has designed  really exciting patterns to dress your table for any occasion from fancy dinner parties to casual gatherings (yes, she does some collections on melamine!).  She has adventurous plate designs, luxurious placemats and chargers, and the most exotic napkin rings you ever could imagine.  And don't even get me started on the cocktail napkins.  Modern luxury takes on a whole new meaning here. Warning- these photos are not for the faint of heart.


Product Scoop || Yosuzi Hats

You have not seen a hat like this!  I am smitten with these beautiful, colorful and fun hats by Yosuzi  founded by Yosuzi Sylvester.  Yosuzi means "Cactus Flower" in the Wayuunaiki dialect and with this brand she celebrates the artisinal weaving skills from her ancestral Wayuu Indian community in Venezuela.  These hats have soul that is for sure!  Let me show you more-


Edible Flowers

Ever since I saw this cake I had been wanting to add edible flowers to glam up one of my baked creations. But it took me a while to find a place that sold them in a package and were ready to use.   Until finally I saw these beautiful edible violas.  My daughter and I made the Miette Tomboy cake we tried out here with a few changes to the frosting so it would match the violas.  We made a yummy and exotic lavender butter-cream which was divine.  Now I want to use edible flowers on everything!  They really stole the show at our little luncheon.  Here are some other fun things you could do with these beautiful edible flowers.


Product Scoop || The art of the hand-written note | Bell'Invito


With the inappropriate amount of emails and texts we send everyday the art of the handwritten note is rapidly loosing traction but I'm so glad there are such creative companies out there like Bell'Invito that make it easy to fall back into such a great writing habit.  I hope you have plenty of stamps because these boxed designs will knock your socks off and will have you writing letters to friends you haven't seen in years! (facebook doesn't count!)


Food || Yummiest Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

I just love banana bread.  It is a healthy treat to have on hand because it is perfect for hungry kids and it puts over ripe bananas to good use.  Nothing goes to waste in this house! And its so easy that it is the ideal recipe to make with the kiddos. I love adding quality chocolate chips to it and making it in these mini bundt cake shapes ( I use a pan similar to this one) so I can easily freeze a few for later use (they defrost really quickly and perfectly).  This small bundt cake size is really quite practical.


Product Scoop || Meira T Jewelry

I love a statement necklace, a statement pair of earrings, and am not much for dainty jewelry until a friend of mine introduced me to Meira T necklaces,  She has this moon and star necklace above and it is the prettiest most sparkling little thing ever.  It also sits at that perfect spot beneath the neck.  Pretty, pretty.  Here are some of her other designs.
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