When the Elf is no longer on the Shelf

We have an Elf on the Shelf.  He arrives after Thanksgiving and stays through Christmas Eve.  If you don't know about him, he watches the kids to make sure they are behaving and reports back to Santa every night. He bounces around in our library (because this is where the chimney is) and sometimes is known to eat some Hershey Kisses when none one is looking.  One morning he might be on the mantel, then another day he might be on the computer.  But, all in all, he is an elf on the shelf for sure. So, when I saw all the amazing things these two elves have done I just had to share with you. These are elves out of shelves and into real life.  I'm kind of jealous of all the fun things they get to do. Uhm.......they arrive from the North Pole via a hot air balloon?!!

Let me tell you about this amazing mom- Jenny is a fabulous baker, mother of two, and book author.  I recently came across her blog, Jenny Cookies, through my friend Swanky:Chic:Fete  and I have to say I just loved it.  It is filled with amazing party ideas and recipes (caramel bark recipe? of course!).  Jenny is so creative, just you wait and see.  Back to the elves and that hot air balloon....


Art to Outfit || Sparkly Blues

I was never very sure of wearing something entirely made up of sequins...but then I saw this blue dress (on sale!!). With that beautiful silhouette and perfect blue hues I think I may need to reconsider.  Do you all have your holiday outfits planned?  I have a few holiday dresses ( you know- red plaid, gold and black, or Christmassy green) that I kind of rotate year-in and year-out.  But it would be fun to get a new dress this year.  And this one you could even wear for New year's again.  And wait till you see the back!  It is very pretty. 


Gift Guide || 5 Perfect Hostess Gifts

I wasn't planning on anymore gift guides because we are so, so close to Christmas but as I was wrapping my presents I realized there are still a few hostess gifts I have to get for upcoming dinners and soirees.  These can also serve for non-Holiday parties so I thought I would include it and you can always bookmark the post for later referral.  


Interior Design || Suzy Hoodless

I have been quite obsessed with a few of Suzy Hoodless interiors for a while.  I think I have shared some shots in posts before but I thought I would formally introduce you to her.  Suzy Hoodless is a British taste maker and has an amazing portfolio of residential homes commercial offices, hotels and restaurants. She started her career in 1992 working at Designers Guild, and then worked in a few magazines like House and Garden and Wallpaper*.  She then opened her own studio in 2000 and since then launched a wallpaper collection for Osborne and Little and rugs for The Rug Company.  Here are some of my favorite shots from her portfolio.


DIY || Pink Sheep Skin

You may remember a few weeks ago I was obsessing over a pink sheep skin and was inspired to try and dye my own.  I was a little scared of dying something so thick and large, but a sweet reader suggested I use the tub.  This motivated me and voila! Here she is....my new favorite thing. It is PINK.FLUFFY.COZY.HEAVEN.  It was super easy, but the only thing is that it took forever to dry.  I also noticed that Jenny from The Little Green Notebook did the same DIY (great minds think alike!).  Here is how to do it-


Artist Spotlight || Lekha Singh

I want to introduce you to an amazing artist today, Lekha Singh.  Lekha is a remarkable artist that knows no bounds.  She is not only a photographer but also a film director and producer. Her latest work is a documentary called Beyond Right and Wrong, a story of justice and forgiveness that sees humanity in its purest form. But photography has always been Lekha's great love. If you are from Dallas, you might recognize her work currently hanging in Highland Park Village's chic Number One.

This series called "Weeds" is very poetic as she captures ordinary bits of nature and its fleeting essence graciously by extrapolating its real beauty. She makes the ordinary seem extraordinary. As a photographer and artist Lekha aims to "To take pictures that express the commonality of human experience by finding startling and impossible beauty in poor, little known places of destitution and desolation. To bring marginalized people, cultures and places to people’s consciousness in a way that expresses a part of the narrative of their lives.  To be a witness to their condition and to acknowledge them as valuable.  To invite the viewer to participate in the witnessing, by viewing the picture. To explore things that are temporary, in transition, or imperfect. " She finds beauty where most don't and invites us to revere it as we should.  Here are some of her new pieces-


DIY || Turning a Gift Card into a Magical Gift


Sometimes finding that perfect gift for a loved one is not an easy task.  You might get it right one year but not necessarily the next.  This is why in certain cases a gift card is the perfect gift all the time, year-in and year-out because the recipient gets exactly what they want or exactly what they need. Especially, if the gift card is from a fabulous store that has a little bit of everything like Target. I adore this place and am so happy to have partnered with them to bring you today's post. I sometimes find myself craving a visit to Target just to see what they have in their home decor section. Other times, I come in searching for a few essentials and end up leaving with a ton of other cute things I didn't even know I needed.

 It's true- we all might love getting gift cards, but we might not all love giving them.  Why do we feel so guilty giving a gift card if we all love getting them? This is why I came up with this cute and super easy DIY as a presentation for a Target GiftCard®.  It is a sweet, personal and homemade DIY that is sure to find its place in the receiver's heart. If you wanted to make something similar for your own gift card giving needs here is what you will need-
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