Be The Change

This wonderful quote by Gandhi is all I can think about since the Paris tragedy.  We don't all have control over everything but we do over ourselves- how we treat others, the examples we set for our children.  Be that person that people around you admire and look-up to. When you see someone doing wonderful things it makes you to want to do better as well. We feel inspired by others and we have this power to inspire others.  Just some positive words to start you off this wonderful weekend before Thanksgiving.  

Also, I want to share with you a little bit of what I have been up to.  Like this photo above?  I took it! I styled it and am just so happy with it.  There is a local jewelry and accessories brand here in Dallas called BuDhaGirl that is wonderful and so I'm helping them with their marketing and growth strategies.  I have shared some of their products with you before because I have been a long-time customer. I will dedicate a more detailed post on this company maybe next week because it is so interesting and I think you will all love the concept.  In the meantime, I have some links below the photo so you can peruse that jewelry.  And if you want to subscribe to another blog, their blog is pretty cool!


Gift Guide || Kids

Happy, Happy, Merry Merry!!  It is gift guide season and I can't even believe it!!  I'm actually really inspired this year and feel like I have a good idea what I want to get for all those loved ones on my list.  I'm starting the gift guides for all those kids in your life.  I think the colored sand hour glasses are killer! They have a great price and think kids would be intrigued by them.


UGallery || Cool Photographs for your Home

I'm so excited to have some new art in our family room.  I switched a few pieces here and there to accommodate the new ones, and many some holes later I have everything where it looks best (fingers crossed I don't change my mind).  You saw one of my new art pieces last week and now I want to present to you this black and white photograph titled "Checkered" by Alicja Brodowicz from UGallery.  It fits so beautifully in my TV wall.  I'm in love with this strong graphic visual, which adds the right amount of black and white.  Let me give your  a bit more perspective since this is such a close-up shot-


One Room Challenge || A Few of My Favorites

The One Room Challenge (ORC) reveals occurred last week and they were exciting!  You all know I'm a huge fan of the ORC (If you remember I participated here and here and here as a linker).  And I was thrilled to go through them and enjoy everyone's proud work this time around. I wanted to share with you some of my favorites.

The One Room Challenge was created by Linda from Calling it Home where twenty very talented professional bloggers and designers redo a room in just six weeks and they update everyone once a week. If you have never followed along you need to do so in the Spring. It is so much fun. Linda has grown this challenge to be a highly anticipated time of the year for both viewers and participants.  Because everyone, and I mean everyone, who has a design blog wants to be invited to participate.  The results are stellar and so varied.  I love how you can beautiful ideas on living rooms, bathrooms, closets.....in all kinds of styles.  And also, I think reading about how designers make their decisions is also really fun.

Ok, so let's start off with Cassie's show-stopper of a living room! The bold colors and fabrics, the artwork!   Sensational, just like she is.  See the entire room here.


Friday- Yet Again?

How is it Friday again?  Where is time going? It seems like we are in the final sprint of 2015! Yikes!  I'm starting to think of Christmas presents, Holiday cards, and breaking out all the Holiday decor.  But one thing is for sure, I will checking out the One Room Challenge reveals this weekend which I'm so, so excited about.  I really enjoy going through them and the Linkers too!  I hope to go through them and post my faves next week.  Some Links for this weekend-


On My Mind || Shiny and Bright

We always, always cook for Thanksgiving.  I really enjoy the full day in the kitchen surrounded by family.  But, this year, we are celebrating my mom's big birthday with a trip and so we will all be eating out, which I'm actually looking forward to as a change.  This is the reason I'm so focused on my Christmas meal (menu and tablescape) because I feel like it has to be doubly as special to make up for missing Thanksgiving.  I just spotted the cake I will be making for dessert (a ginger baked Alaska!!).  As I dream up my ideal table setting I spotted these fabulous decor pieces in whites, gold and silver. I am envisioning a beautiful and simple Holiday table (Gnome Included!).  How fun would it be to get a couple of those gnomes for the center of the table?  They would certainly add some humor.


Artist Spotlight || Ryan Pickart

Some years ago when I started blogging I came across artist Ryan Pickart's portfolio on Pinterest and fell in love with this work.  His portraits are powerfully real yet very whimsical.  They remind me of Gustav Klimt's work. I kept his work on file and about 6 months ago I contacted him about a commision.  My daughter, Little Miss A, is growing up fast and I wanted a portrait of her at this age and not a minute later.  

The price was reasonable and Ryan was wonderful to work with. He asked many questions including color choices, portrait position, type..... and then sent me different ideas for clothing and background. I could tell Ryan is very inspired by fashion and fabrics with the moodboard he sent.  I then snapped a few shots of my baby for him and that was it! It is kind of unbelieavble that all this was done through the internet.  I never saw any of his paintings in person but those colors he had used in previous portraits, patterns and his striking faces had me totally obsessed. Let me show you a few others of his portraits-
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