Swan Birthday Theme

It's Little Miss A's birthday today! And boy has she have we been planning and dreaming of this day for months.  Gosh, it is so sweet to see such excitement over a birthday. The celebration really began this past week.  Little Miss A is practically an expert at blowing out candles as we have been telling the last few restaurants we have been to that it was her birthday. So, of course all desserts came with a candle!  Even though her party isn't today I want to share with you a little about her theme and decor.  Originally, I wanted to plan for a Hollywood Regency theme. But how do you explain this theme to a 6 year old?  So, I translated the theme to a SWAN party!  I approached my sweet friend Andrea from The Glam Pad, to help me identify the items that would make this party sparkle.  She was so sweet and sent me a list of fabulous ideas. Like for example, gathering inspiration from this Lilly Pulitzer luncheon she suggested I could turn these Lilly Pulitzer shower curtains into tablecloths.  I mean, she is brilliant!


Happy Friday and Links

Happy Friday!  I'm so excited it's the weekend because I get to see old friends and family plus we go back home on Sunday.  It is so nice to go away on vacation but I just love returning home.  I'm a routine kind of a girl and just thrive on it.  We have a few exciting events this coming week, making the return home even more special and exciting, like little Miss A's birthday! The countdown is on. I have a few fun links for you all today-


Unforgettable Paris

I'm really excited to share some of our Paris mother-daughter photos with you! Eeek!  The very talented Katie Donnelly, took them for us in a mini photo session we did.  I found her online and just really liked her portfolio.  The friend I was traveling with and I split the photo session, so we each got about one hour with Katie.  She was so wonderful to work with and the kids adored her which made the entire session so much easier. As much as I love photography traveling with kids makes it more difficult to actually take photos.  First of all, you have less time to concentrate on a shot because they don't have much patience.  And second, you are carrying so much extra 'kid' stuff like water, snacks, sweater for if it gets cold...that the camera just adds that extra bulk (and I was not even including the lenses!), that scheduling a little photo session to commemorate the trip was brilliant in my book.  Additionally, since I'm usually the one in my family to take all most photos I rarely make an appearance.  I have very few photos with my baby...so this photo session in Paris was a real treasure and such a treat.


Girly Wearstler || White, Black and Pink

This beautiful 1930's Bel Air home designed by Kelly Wearstler is spectacular and opulent but what I loved the most were those edgy but feminine touches she has sprinkled throughout the house.  I enjoyed seeing her version of a girly space. Here are my favorites- filled with pink, black and white.


Slip-on Sneakers

Never say never, right?  I remember reading about these slip-on sneakers in January of 2013 over at The Now Stylebook and thinking - "goodness I would never wear those". Flashforward a year and I am crazy in love with my slip-on sneakers.  They are so comfortable and easy I have not taken them off all summer.  They were my go-to shoes for our trip to Paris where I wanted to have very pampered and comfortable feet yet look chic and put together.  And they sure did the trick as I felt very stylish. Now, I'm thinking I need a second pair for the fall.


An Original Summer Food Pairing- Hot Dog Tacos

Hot dogs and tortillas??!!  It may sound a little cray, cray but it is out of this world good.  I decided to upgrade the usual grilled summer hot dog (#greatergrilling) by adding some feta cheese, cilantro and grape tomatoes inside a divine hand-made tortilla. Mouth watering?  Wait till you see my pretty summer table setting.


Blanket Coats for Fall

I know its the beginning of August and that it is probably super hot where you are right now but I need you to keep an eye out for these blanket coats creeping up.  When you start thinking about your fall wardrobe and begin looking for coats....keep this trend in mind- The blanket coat is "a look" that I think we will be seeing plenty of.  And why not?  These coats seem so cozy....like you kind of rolled out of bed with your comforter and blanket all around you.... I feel like the long cold winters would be more bearable with one of these.  This one is by far my favorite.
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